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How to Prepare and File 1099s - Small Business CPA The Woodlands

How to Prepare and File 1099s - Small Business CPA The Woodlands
Last week, we talked about the penalties the IRS charges for not complying with all 1099 reporting requirements. The penalties range from $30-$100 per 1099 for filing late and up to $250 per 1099 if you intentionally fail to issue them. You also run the risk of facing perjury charges which...
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IRS Wants You to be a Hoarder!

IRS Wants You to be a Hoarder!
We have seen an increase in sales tax audits over the past three years and the IRS is increasing its audits. The number one reason why people end up paying their hard earned money to the IRS after an audit is lack of documentation. Many people don't save their important tax...
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Changes Are Coming... No Matter What!

Last week, the Supreme Court heard three days of arguments regarding the constitutionality of the Health Care Act of 2010. The Supreme Court will release its decision in June. As I see it, the options the court has are to uphold the law in its entirety, throw out all of it, or cut parts of it. Whatever the decision, we will do our best to keep you abreast of the impact upon you, the small business owner.
Whatever the courts decision, the impact upon you, the small business owner, is significant and you will have to make changes to comply with the law.

But the Supreme Court case underscores the challenges our county is facing, what is coming is the potential for significant change. In fact, as a nation....

......Change and Instability is all Around Us
These are truly historic times we are living in. We have:

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Today is March 6th...

From time to time I will branch away from the topic of tax and accounting and I will write about leadership and business management philosophies. This is one such letter.

I hope you are enjoying my newsletters. I write these to each of you as if you are sitting in front of me and we are having a conversation. I am writing to you, the small and mid size business owner who has poured your life into your business. I write to educate and challenge you to think and grow as a business leader and a person. Maybe I will have a positive impact on you and your business. I hope so, because I want each of you to be successful in whatever way you define success.


If you are enjoying this almost weekly newsletter, feel free to drop me an email about topics you would like me to cover. Tell me what you like about the newsletter. Even if you don't like something I write, let me know. I will respond to every email to the best of my ability and time. On to this weeks topic.

Today is March 6...

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