Who We Are

Marie Villalobos

Client Service Coordinator

Marie Villalobos

Why Fisher CPA Firm?

I was impressed by the vigorous interview process that I went through.  The team at Fisher CPA carefully select their employees to ensure they have key people to effectively serve their clients’ needs. Every member of the team mentioned how they were always learning something new and how Fisher CPA promoted continuing education.  I chose to work here because I felt they genuinely care about their clients and clients are not considered just a number. I knew I could come into this team environment and have the support I needed to do my job efficiently while enjoying what I do best, building client relationships.

I also felt that this would be an opportune time to grow my experience and knowledge in the accounting and tax arena. As I get older, I would like to have a stable career to fall back on and look forward to the day I can work for my oldest son when he has his own CPA firm.

Why Me?

I pride myself in building strong client relationships by the detailed and prompt service I provide. I want our clients to be treated how we want to be treated. Even though I am employed by Fisher CPA, I am the client’s advocate. I have 20+ years of experience in customer service as well as 4+ years in accounting and 2+ years in tax. With this experience, I am the ideal person for the Client Service Coordinator position. 

About Me

I am a very proud mom of 2 beautiful young men. They are what keep me striving to do better and push forward. I have always been an avid volunteer in my sons’ extra-curricular activities.  In fact, even though my oldest graduated from his high school a few years back, I am still asked to head up their band extravaganza every spring and I’m happy to serve. I do it because I enjoy helping out and visiting with old friends and I am forever grateful to the band organization for playing a role in my son’s success. In my spare time, I enjoy listening and critiquing the music that my little one produces and look forward to hearing all about my oldest adventures in the business program at his University.