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Honoring Great Dads on Father's Day

As A CPA, I have the unique opportunity to peer into many different types of businesses that are run in unique ways, by extraordinary people. As a result, I have had the honor of being the CPA for some wonderful men. Men who are great Dad's.

What I have observed is being a great Dad is not easy. Wonderful father's are providers, teachers, counselors, judge and jury, protectors, and source of stability in an ever changing world.

Great Dads:

  • Go to as many functions their children are involved as they can possibly attend.
  • Work hard to support their families and make sure their children have what they need.
  • Listen to their children and encourage them to greatness.
  • Discipline their wrong doings and correct them with stern but fair reproach and sometimes with a swift "kick in the butt" if need be.
  • Spend time with their kids even when they are tired from a long day at work and have time to hear them out when they need advice.
  • Always proud of their kids' successes and brag about them.
  • Worry about their foolishness and worry about their future.
  • Glad when they hear their kids laugh and see them happy.
  • Consider their children before themselves.
  • Gives freely to their children all of his knowledge, wisdom and wise counsel.

So to all of the Great Dad's who are reading this, congratulations. You have made a difference in the world. I am proud of you and I know your children are honored to have you in their lives. You men are the true every day heroes of our society.
To my Great Dad, I say Happy Father's Day and thanks for all you have done for me.

Wishing all of you Father's a Happy Father's Day!

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