Business Advisory Services

Resolving your business problems & achieving your business goals through
analysis, strategic planning, and effective implementation

Why Hire a Business Advisor?

Focused Solutions

As a business owner, how often do you hear about problems that need to be fixed? With busy schedules, you don’t always have the capacity, credentials or expertise within your team to fix the problems. You can bring your “problems” to Fisher even if they are small, like hiring a new bookkeeper, or more in-depth like setting up annual goals. Reason number one to hire an advisor is that we will be dedicated and focused on your solutions.

Leverage Expertise  

When you hire an advisor you get to use their experiences. Fisher has expertise in mergers & acquisitions, business analysis, strategic planning, financial, and optimization. These areas of business are highlighted below.

Increase Productivity

When productivity increases so does stress to keep operations running efficiently. Unfortunately, even when growth occurs businesses have gone bankrupt because they didn’t prepare for the growth. Your dream is to be running at the highest point of productivity and profitability. Fisher can design a growth plan to keep your business on track.

24 Hours a Day

You can’t be available 24/7, although it feels like you are half the time. Since you can’t be available for every call and issue, hiring an advisor can reduce the stress of this. By hiring an advisor to develop processes and procedures, you won’t have to be there 24 hours a day.

Business Advisory Services

Fisher offers advisory services to solve simple and complex problems, devise invaluable strategies and improve financial and operational health. It is our privilege to make a significant impact on your business and personal life through the following services we provide.

MERGERS & AQUISITIONS: Generating value by consolidating businesses, or buying or selling assets.

BUSINESS ANALYSIS: Enabling change by defining the business needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to you and your clients.

STRATEGIC PLANNING: Developing set priorities, focused energy and resources, strengthening operations, ensuring that employees and owners are working together towards intended results.

PROJECTIONS ANALYSIS: Using projections to predict your business’ performance based on future decisions. “What-if” Analysis is the process of changing specific numbers to make the right decision regarding the growth of the business.

OPTIMIZATION: Evaluating your overall business performance to make the most effective use of all resources; such as operations, labor and capital.

Additional services to optimize your success:

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Bank Financing
  • Custom Reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Sales Tax Audits
  • HCS Cost Reporting
  • Business Valuation
  • Succession Planning
  • Software Installation & Training
  • Recruiting
  • Outsourced Controller/CFO
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About You

Over decades of working with various types of businesses we have discovered Fisher is the perfect fit for clients who demonstrate the following characteristics.


Your business has already proven to be successful through continued growth.


Your market has a real need for your product and/or service.


You are an independent thinker.


You are not a follower but instead you tend to lead or aspire to lead in your market.


You understand the importance of learning how to improve your financial navigation.


You are teachable despite of your previous success and you continue to seek personal development.


You are actively seeking to improve your business.